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About Piccolo House

The two companies Kartal GmbH and Piccolohouse KLG have been working together on various projects with tiny houses since 2022. The idea of the two companies was to bring simple, modern and good quality tiny houses to the D/A/CH market under the Piccolohouse brand. The houses should be affordable for everyone, as well as be offered in 3 different sizes. Turnkey, fully assembled and ready to use - that's our motto!

We produce all houses in Europe.


How we work

We work accurately and efficiently to ensure our clients get their new Piccolo home turnkey

received within the desired time.

Which piccolo house

First we look with you which Piccolohouse suits your budget or what size you want.

Design & estimate of costs

Once we have found out with you which Piccolohouse you want, we can also give you an approximate price.

on-site consultations

Of course, if you wish, we can also come to you on site to see which Piccolo House suits you and your landscape best. 

Glücklicher Architekt

set up &
the finishing touch

We oversee the entire transport and erection of the Piccolohouse until the end, so that everything is to your satisfaction. We only want happy customers.


promise of quality

Accuracy is an essential aspect of the way we work. We rely on precise planning and implementation to ensure that every detail of the Piccolohaus meets the requirements and wishes of our customers.


Through careful construction and high-quality materials, we guarantee a result that meets the highest standards.

Efficiency is another core principle of how we work. We optimize our processes to use time and resources efficiently without compromising on quality. By using the latest construction techniques and a well-coordinated way of working, we achieve a quick and smooth completion of the Piccolohaus.

Our goal is that our customers receive their new turnkey Piccolo house within the desired time. We take the deadlines of our customers seriously and work towards meeting them. Through efficient construction management and clear communication, we ensure that the Piccolohaus is completed on time and that our customers can move in on schedule.

The home of your dreams
one step closer.

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