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Emergency house for emergencies!

The ideal mini house for 4 - 6 people in need or refugees. Delivered quickly, set up and fully furnished. Save time and money!

Many municipalities and municipalities are already successfully using the Emergencyhouse in their communities. You too can benefit!


Why our emergency houses?

Our emergency houses are already in use across Europe to provide quick help to people and refugees in need. These homes are designed to be easily transported on a trailer to transport to the scene of an emergency. The robust construction of the houses ensures that they can withstand the challenges of winter, rainstorms and extreme heat without damage.

These homes are an important resource in emergency situations as they provide people with shelter and security. They can be set up quickly and are designed to meet the needs of people in need of temporary assistance.

We are proud to play our part in supporting people in need across Europe and will continue to work to make our emergency homes even more effective and resilient to help even more people in need.

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