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Your affordable new tiny house!


We have the 
matching piccolo house

We first plan the finished Piccolo houses with our suppliers before we bring them to the market. Our goal is that our customers get a turnkey and immediately usable Piccolohouse from us cheaply and quickly.


We help you to find the right bank.

Free on-site consultation

We would also be happy to come to you for a non-binding consultation.

top quality

All our Piccolohouses are manufactured in Europe under strict quality control.

Inexpensive for all people

So that everyone can afford a Piccolohouse, we have 3 price ranges

what we offer you

The right Piccolohouse for every budget

Satisfied costumers

Dear Piccolohouse team, we're slowly completing the picture. As said before, we are very satisfied with the house! The craftsmanship is impressive and belongs in the top class! The construction, the concept is excellent."

Ingmar Rohde

“We weren't at all sure about the size at first when we bought the Budget Piccolohouse as there are 2 of us. Well, we hardly believe it ourselves, we have enough space to store everything. We are no longer giving up our budget house.”

Annika Bach

“We have now become a small family and bought the Grande from Piccolohouse. And you can hardly believe it, we live happily and inexpensively with our 2 children in our dream house. Thank you for the great support..."

Kevin Schuetz

Have we made you curious?

Contact us to get one
arrange a free consultation.

We advise you without obligation in Switzerland, Germany and Austria:

Swiss and Austria

Piccolo House KLG

Niederhaslistr. 4 / CH-8105 Watt

+41 79 664 88 88 /

Thank you for your message!

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